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Parallel Walking
dealing with a reactive dog during walks

Reactive dog
Is your dog reacting towards other dogs during it's walk?
To address this, I would like to introduce you to the exercise
                                       "parallel walking"

You must first be able to walk without pulling.
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This exercise only works for dogs that respond when on a leash, but who can get along with dogs in some situations.

 For dogs that show reactive behavior in all situations, the focus shifts to behavioral guidance.


The excercise “parallel walking”

This exercise is available for dogs that react (pulling, over-excited, threatening behavior) to other dogs, people or objects.

During this exercise, both dogs are walked parallel to each other, which has been shown to have a calming effect.
This is the least confrontational walk we can do with our dogs.
We always respect sufficient distance (the 'reaction distance') so that the dog does not feel obliged to respond. At this distance, the dogs will communicate with each other with subtle signals to learn to deal with these situations better. The progression can be slow or smooth, depending on the dog.


For this exercise I always try to plan several DogGuiders together, and I also need to call in the help of assistants with non-reactive dogs. For this reason, you can only participate in this exercise after contacting us.


(per dog)

(incl. 21% VAT)


The amout of turns will often depend on the number of other participants. This exercise has proven to be quite seasonal (spring; summer).

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