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The elements stated in this disclaimer apply to the website

Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) takes maximum care of the information shown on the website, but this does not constitute a guarantee in any way. It is possible that parts of the information on this website or in information sources/links may become outdated or outdated over time. Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information on this website, nor does he accept any liability for this.

Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) is not liable for damage resulting from incomplete, sensitive or incorrect information on this website or the services and products offered. Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) also accepts no responsibility for the content of linked websites that are not to be maintained by Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance). Nor does this mean that Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) agrees with its content, not even implicitly.

Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) reserves the right to change the information on the website at any time. At any time, Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) may decide to interrupt access to the website, in whole or in part, without prior notice.

No guarantees are given that emails or messages via other digital channels will be received and processed in a timely manner, and Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) accepts no liability for the consequences of this.

Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance) and subcontractors/employees are not responsible for the correct and complete transmission of the content of a sent email, nor for its timely receipt.

You can report incorrect or disturbing information by emailing Your question/request will then be evaluated as quickly as possible and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.

This website contains data that users can download. If the user decides to download files or media via this website, he always does so at his own risk.

Distributing, copying or any other use of information, layout, documents, images, audio, video, text is not permitted without written permission from Matthias Michiels (DogGuidance).

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