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the name says it all,

I am here to help you with a complete guidance so your best friend can become a stress-free, self-confident dog.

I come to your home for guidance in parenting, tackling disruptive behavior, advice (on f.e. adoption) & training.


Combining these aspects is certainly possible.

If I f.e. come by for guidance with education, but you also want to be helped with walking your dog comfy or teach him a new command, then that is certainly possible.

Upbringing / Parenting guidance

At what age should I adopt a puppy?

Proven based on brain research 

Age: at earliest 9 weeks,

               optimaly 10 - 12 weeks. 

(until then the puppy belongs with its mother, she teaches them (start) toilet training, bite inhibition, social behavior and so much more...)

(Except for puppies that have been rejected)

Raising puppies

Mindset aimed at a stress-free, confident dog!

Together we will go over what you should not forget when raising your new puppy. This contains matters such as socialization, toilet training, learning good habits, training in relation to upbringing, preventive work on behavioral problems/disruptive behavior, etc.

Every family always has a lot of unique questions and I'm more than happy to answer them.

If the introduction takes place before the puppy is acquired, I would also like to give you some tips for the 'homecoming'-period. 

Older dogs

Of course, you can also contact us for guidance in raising youngsters, adolescent and adult dogs.
Tackling disruptive behavior or
behavioral problems / re-education

Dogs can exhibit a wide range of disruptive behaviors or behavioral problems. Together we analyze and discuss the situation, we look for the cause of the problems and you and your dog are guided to overcome them. This can be done at any age!

I take my time and use a personal approach. This is essential to be able to form a correct analysis and diagnosis of your situation, in order to provide you with appropriate guidance.

I require at least an hour and a half for an introductory meeting regarding tackling disruptive behavior or behavioral problems.

We work in an ethically responsible manner at all times, the dog's emotions are taken into account and physical or verbal punishment is never used.

My expertise lies mainly in reading body language, with specialization in interpreting emotions and stress development/reduction.


You can also contact us (free of charge) between sessions if you have any follow-up questions.

You can contact us with all your dog questions and we will always try to provide you with well-supported advice.

We aim to answer all questions within 48 hours.

This can be done by emailing, calling, Message, via WhatsApp or Meta.


Obedience training is teaching your dog all kinds of useful tasks such as down, stay, come, release, etc.,

Learning this is very simple for those who have knowledge about brain development. With a few simple tips you will learn how to easily teach your dog all kinds of things.

Many of these exercises are very useful when training your dog. In addition, it is often also a nice enrichment for the willing ones among our four-legged friends.

If you want a consultation just to learn a command, this can be done during a 30-minute session!

For specific training such as hunting work or learning to shepherd, I would like to refer you to specialized colleagues.

Hugging a Puppy

NO "puppytraining"

Have you ever thought about it...?
TRAINING a PUPPY (mental development comparable with a baby) is unethical!!
No human would even think about sending their baby to school... 
Training can start at earliest from an age of 4,5 months (youngling). The reason for this is that a puppy does not yet have sufficient brain development to learn optimally.
This is in contrast to what you often see in many dog clubs or with fellow dog therapists.
At DogGuidance we first raise the puppy, and then we train it.

How to book an appointment & tariffs

Every case is different, so no subscriptions and no long programs that supposedly work for every dog.
Depending on your case and wishes, you can be helped in 1 or more consultations.
I come by and we discuss possible adjustments where necessary.

Free choice of how we work for both the DogGuiders and DogGuidance often offers better results, because after more than 10 years of experience I can say with certainty that every dog, every case and every family requires a different approach.

                                         ~ Each dog has a different story~

I work at the rate of € 70,- /hour,

with a maximum of € 175/session*

and a minimum duration of 1 hour.

*** travel expenses incluced ***

An hour flies by quickly, and since I still have to get to know your family and your dog and I need extra time to conduct a thorough analysis, I require at least an hour and a half for an introductory meeting regarding addressing disruptive behaviors or behavioral problems. This is the only way I can guarantee

high-quality personal guidance.

*Like many others, you may prefer that I come by for an entire morning or afternoon, or for a moment in the evening, for example. This gives us more time to really delve into your case.

If the consult lasts longer than 2,5 hours, a 'session of indefinite duration' will automatically be charged at

€ 175,-. This way, you don't have to worry about your bill rising if you elaborate on a specific subject or, if f.e. you have a ton of questions.

We accept cash, payment via BankApp (QR/Payconiq) or bank transfer (14 days payment term).
VAT-invoice for companies is possible.

Cancellation and rescheduling of appointments is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the consultation. If you cancel or reschedule appointments

< 48 hours, a cancellation fee of € 50,- will be charged. The customer is entitled to equivalent compensation if I cannot fulfill an agreement, with the exception of forced majeure or mutual agreement.

If you have any questions or unclareties, do not hesitate to contact us!

Travel expenses

We have customers from the coast to the Ardennes, but most of them come from the Leie region. For most customers from this region, the travel costs are free!
We don't look at 1 or 2 km.

Generaly this means that the first 20 km are free (so everything remains fair to customers from cities near Waregem but outside the Leie region such as the Flemish Ardennes, Ingelmunster, Tielt, Meulebeke, etc.)

Travel costs will be charged for all kilometers that I have to travel further
€0.45/km x 2 (round trip)

We calculate your distance with Google Maps

departing from

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