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learn how to walk in a pleasant and relaxed manner

Learn to walk with a relaxed leash / without pulling

Come by and let's go for a walk together.
In most cases I manage to show you how you can walk your dog without it pulling.
If I don't succeed, there will probably be some work on socializing the dog first, because otherwise the dog will still be too distracted by unknown/new stimuli.

Duration: 30 min - 45 min (max. 1 hour); or less if the dog needs rest.

Location: hiking trail near DogGuidance; 2 minutes from the Waregem motorway exit

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Price: €20,-/session
(incl. 21% VAT)



Socialization is learning to deal with unfamiliar stimuli (visual, audio, etc.) and has nothing to do with teaching dogs to be social. As group animals, dogs (just like humans) are social from birth.

In some cases, behavioral guidance will first be advised.

This can be done either in Waregem (hiking trail near DogGuidance; 2 minutes from the highway exit) or at an agreed location.

Price at the Waregem hiking trail: €20/walking session*

Price on location: €20/walking session* + travel costs:

*price incl. 21% VAT; it can happen that the session has to be stopped early due to unexpected circumstances (the dog is overstimulated very quickly; weather conditions; exceptionally many runners or cyclists; etc.). Under no circumstances will we 'force' the dog. It has been proven that this will never work. If the session has to be stopped early, the price will be halved.

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