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Protect your dog from tools, techniques and trainers that could harm your dog's physical or mental well-being!


Every dog owner has the right to choose for themselves which approach best suits theír situation!


We increasingly hear from customers how difficult it was to navigate between the, often contradictory, abundance of information that you find online, in literature, not to mention the well-intentioned advice you receive from family, friends, colleagues or sometimes even strangers. that you encounter on a walk with your dog.

These days you have so much choice that we can hardly keep up...
During a market research study I noticed that there was no clear overview of the different trainingtechniques in Belgium anywhere.

​So we at DogGuidance have decided to give you a simplified overview of the different types and how they came about.     (english translation is pending)

reading time: 8 min.

At the end of this overview you will discover which approach and methodology we chose at DogGuidance and why we support it 100%!

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