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Sniffing mats

Local distributor of ForSmartDogs.

  • Do-it-yourself package*:          € 29,95    incl. 21% VAT  

  • Assembled sniffing mat:           € 42,95    incl. 21% VAT 

Please contact us for an overview of the colors available in our extensive stock.

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Harnassen en lijnen

Ergonomical harnesses and leads

Local distributor of Atelier d'Ellis.

Why a d'Ellis harnas?

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that dogs can develop all kinds of medical conditions and diseases from wearing a collar? In addition, a collar comes with several limitations! Even changes in personality, irritability and impaired social skills may occur. The pressure in and behind the eyes is significantly increased and can lead to problems with your dog's vision. External pressure on the thyroid gland can cause damage and lead to hypothyroidism, which manifests itself as chronic stress, lethargy, as well as behavioral changes and disturbed metabolism.

Main problem when using a collar

Headaches, muscle pain in the neck and back, impaired mobility, difficulty eating and drinking, coughing, stomach and intestinal problems, changed heart rate, increased stress levels and eye problems may occur.
The soft tissue around the dog's neck is exactly the same as in humans. You can experience for yourself how unpleasant even the lightest form of pressure is on your larynx and the rest of your neck.

Available colors:

Beschikbare kleuren 29mrt21.png

1. Black, 2. Oceangreen, 3. Red **, 4. Blue, 5. Curry-Black/Black-Curry, 6. Burgundy-Grey/Grey-Burgundy ***, 7.  Curry with Black paws, 8. Black with Curry paws, 9. Turyquoise with Black paws, 10. Black with Turquoise paws, 11. Burgundy with Black paws, 12. Black with Burgundy paws.

ook in stock:

- zwart met reflectoren

- fusia (roze)

** niet in stock

*** verdwijnt weldra uit stock



Harness red M
Harness Black S
Harness S
Harness Bl Bordeaux paws M
Harness Curry bl M
Harness Jolein S


Ambassador for Butternutbox.

(recently expanded to Belgium!)

Just like in humans, nutrition plays an important role in dogs for a mentally balanced life.

Due to our own experience and positive stories from many customers, we support ButternutBox's mission 100%!


Use the link

and receive a 50% discount on your first 2 boxes.

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